Just a twenty-something searching for his place in life.


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Slightly(?) obsessed­čśŹ
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The Krubera Cave is the world’s deepest cave. It is 2197 meters deep and will take you approximately an entire month to get to the bottom. Here is a map of this place. 
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Tumblr Themes People always make Juliet out to be dumb in Romeo and Juliet, but I think she at least had some sense where Romeo didn't have much of any

Romeo:  I was thinking about this chick earlier who I said I was in love with but now I love that girl over there that is very likely to either belong to my family's enemy or be close with my family's enemy as it is their party I am crashing
Juliet:  I do not like being so young and forced into a relationship with an older man, but oh there's a cute guy more my age over there. And since he's here he must have been invited and is there for a reasonable love match for myself  --
Romeo:  We should kiss right now at this party
Juliet:  No that is a super dumb idea
Romeo:  *kisses her anyway*
Juliet:  That was dumb of you  --
Romeo:  We should get married right now
Juliet:  We don't know each other. Shouldn't we wait until at least a little time has passed?
Romeo:  Like tomorrow?
Juliet:  Sure, fine.  --
Juliet:  We're married now, so we have to try and make things better between our families.
Romeo:  Right.
Romeo:  It seems I have killed your cousin and am now exiled.  --
Juliet:  Ok so since Romeo fucked up I'm gonna fix this shit by taking a harmless sleeping liquid. He'll come and get me and we can go away together.
Romeo:  *immediately kills himself*
Juliet:  For fucks sake.
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Firewood Storage Solutions
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Samuel Beckett goes up to the counter and orders a water, then goes to sit and wait. After what feels like an eternity, but is in reality only two acts, the barista calls his name and hands him an empty cup.

(via controversial-tabloid-story)

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this is like my fave joke

okay that shit was good.
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I love dogs so much
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my little itty bitty light board for FLASH theatre! (at ASB (American School Of Bombay))
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is there anyone in the west virginia area that would be willing to take in a young LGBT kid getting away from an abusive home for a few days while the legal shit gets worked out

stay strong, kid. proud of you for reaching out and getting yourself into a better living situation.

any of my followers from the WV area or know anyone who is? pass it on!